Love Dies But You Won't

by Valois



released November 19, 2015

Produced by Megan Miller and Charles Hoppner

Special thanks to - Dan KL, And The Kids, Future States, How far to Mexico, True Man Show, Andy Sees The Reaper, Jon-Rhys, Tina, Sylvia, Kirk, Amara, Ashley Newall, Prince (the dog); CKCU, CHUO, and CKUT for being the vanguard; and all the fans who believe in us and support our music!


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Track Name: So Long, Dear
I really can't stay here so long dear
(all alone shut the windows, shut the doors)

Babe you are, to me
The death of all my dreams
A warped record I can't throw out
A smoke ring that won't leave
A box of poetry I can't bring myself to read
The site of all my hatred that I still love in my dreams

Babe you are to me
Unflinching memory
A song I can't stop writing
A ghost on halloween
The facts of modern living no therapist can treat
A Wilco song I can't put on saying "you're not listening"
Track Name: Ça Sera
When I was young there were some doors
That would stay closed I knew for sure
'Cuz screaming threats and hurting hands
Were never worth a change of pants

And boys look better in blue
Girls look better in pink
Boys get money from a bank
Girls get sunshine from a ring

et ça sera

My heart's confused; my head is fine
Do I want you or just to die?
I bought the boots; I keep the beat
I kick it down, then I retreat

Oh baby baby baby don't you do me like that!
You know I'm crazy over you, but I just don't know what to do!
Track Name: Lone Wolf
Guess you really
Guess you really
Fucked up, did you?
Cultivating gardens of roses that don't bloom gentle love only self distraction
I'd be a white drone for your pleasure

{Could it be you're the key to the lock in my heart?)

I see it in the way your eyes don't follow me at night
Your arm on his leg; he's your best frend
You keep saying it's alright in front of all of us
You love him, you didn't have to lie
Oh my darling why?

Guess I'm just a
Guess I'm just a
Lone wolf baby
Spinning out in circles of desire and grieving
Holding Sufjan's mouth to my ear
The whir of machinery replacing your heating
Track Name: Impasse
I want to believe that it's alright
Chained to the floor on this restless night
I can't believe it
Where did it all go wrong?
Or could it still be made right?
Lock myself in the room and pray that you'll change your mind
I can't believe it
That you could...
Track Name: Hero Dog
You were the houseguest of some petit bourgeois dame
Who kept you for conversation until her tastes changed
A warden's prisoner in some powder republic
He was too young not to be cruel
You bit the hand and they took you away

With a stiff gait
And your knees shake
Scream at every arm above you
Under the covers with your mother
I can feel the change

When we first met you you would barely eat
And you only knew your name and I couldn't get to sleep
I thought it was over on the night you ran away
'till I came home to find you
huddled in the doorway

I want to explore with you just us on our six legs
The way we would alone looking for each secret place
When winter breaks will you go everywhere with me?
I can't make you trust the world but think of what we'll see
Track Name: Ottawa Love Song
I'm from the city that fun forgot
The lost child of the indie scene
Bureaucracy is the economy
We don't have Jetplanes but we have Balconies
(Across a sea of hair, Jacquie's staring back at me)

I know you'll be there in the summer
I can lead an anonymous life
I could walk across that river
And never really ask myself why

You never really did understand
It's a love that gives nothing back to me
But the comfort of impermanence
And hazy half-dreams of Britannia Beach
(I hop on my bike, no-one's staring back at me)

I know you'll be there this cruel summer
I can lead an anonymous life
I could walk across that river
And never really ask myself why
Track Name: Love Dies But You Won't
Love dies
But you won't
At least
Not for now
Track Name: Elation
I showed you a song
Didn't learn my part
And you didn't care
I shrugged it off as art

I showed you my eyes
And how they got so red
Your blank pupils stare
Because you just don't care

How was I to know?
The world is miserable
My elation won't save me
But for now it's alright

I showed you a song
But I lost the words
And you didn't care
You clapped in your chair

I showed you a street
I tried to fill with ghosts
But forgot their names
As your interest waned

I don't want to go to my grave feeling like a half truth
I don't want to spend my life confessing to the wind
I have spent these twenty five years feeling like a burden
I don't want to spend another carrying someone else's sins
Track Name: Rollercoaster
Can't shake the fear that you're not mine anymore
Spinning out around my head
I can't believe the way this week has been
It's like I just met you again
I love your chaos, love your strength
But you know rollercoasters aren't my thing

My love
I just get off
I slow it down
Stay on the ground
I watch as you spin away
I'm feeling sick but I want you to stay

Can't shake these feelings that chase me from sleep
We're both strapped in I'm filled with dread
I don't know how strong this harness is
It's like you already left
I love your stubborn head and heart
But you know rollercoasters aren't my thing

My love
I just get off
I slow it down
Stay on the ground
I watch as you spin away
I'm feeling sick and I don't think I should stay

And if I'm not here when you wake up
You are loved; you were loved all this time
And if you're not there when I wake up
I hope it was worth, worth your while

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