Love Dies But You Won't

by Valois

I really can't stay here so long dear (all alone shut the windows, shut the doors) Babe you are, to me The death of all my dreams A warped record I can't throw out A smoke ring that won't leave A box of poetry I can't bring myself to read The site of all my hatred that I still love in my dreams Babe you are to me Unflinching memory A song I can't stop writing A ghost on halloween The facts of modern living no therapist can treat A Wilco song I can't put on saying "you're not listening"
Ça Sera 03:13
When I was young there were some doors That would stay closed I knew for sure 'Cuz screaming threats and hurting hands Were never worth a change of pants And boys look better in blue Girls look better in pink Boys get money from a bank Girls get sunshine from a ring et ça sera My heart's confused; my head is fine Do I want you or just to die? I bought the boots; I keep the beat I kick it down, then I retreat Oh baby baby baby don't you do me like that! You know I'm crazy over you, but I just don't know what to do!
Lone Wolf 04:16
Guess you really Guess you really Fucked up, did you? Cultivating gardens of roses that don't bloom gentle love only self distraction I'd be a white drone for your pleasure {Could it be you're the key to the lock in my heart?) I see it in the way your eyes don't follow me at night Your arm on his leg; he's your best frend You keep saying it's alright in front of all of us You love him, you didn't have to lie Oh my darling why? Guess I'm just a Guess I'm just a Lone wolf baby Spinning out in circles of desire and grieving Holding Sufjan's mouth to my ear The whir of machinery replacing your heating
Impasse 02:17
I want to believe that it's alright Chained to the floor on this restless night I can't believe it You Where did it all go wrong? Or could it still be made right? Lock myself in the room and pray that you'll change your mind I can't believe it That you could...
Hero Dog 03:05
You were the houseguest of some petit bourgeois dame Who kept you for conversation until her tastes changed A warden's prisoner in some powder republic He was too young not to be cruel You bit the hand and they took you away With a stiff gait And your knees shake Scream at every arm above you Under the covers with your mother I can feel the change When we first met you you would barely eat And you only knew your name and I couldn't get to sleep I thought it was over on the night you ran away 'till I came home to find you huddled in the doorway I want to explore with you just us on our six legs The way we would alone looking for each secret place When winter breaks will you go everywhere with me? I can't make you trust the world but think of what we'll see
I'm from the city that fun forgot The lost child of the indie scene Bureaucracy is the economy We don't have Jetplanes but we have Balconies (Across a sea of hair, Jacquie's staring back at me) I know you'll be there in the summer I can lead an anonymous life I could walk across that river And never really ask myself why You never really did understand It's a love that gives nothing back to me But the comfort of impermanence And hazy half-dreams of Britannia Beach (I hop on my bike, no-one's staring back at me) I know you'll be there this cruel summer I can lead an anonymous life I could walk across that river And never really ask myself why
Oh Love dies But you won't At least Not for now
Elation 03:31
I showed you a song Didn't learn my part And you didn't care I shrugged it off as art I showed you my eyes And how they got so red Your blank pupils stare Because you just don't care How was I to know? The world is miserable My elation won't save me But for now it's alright I showed you a song But I lost the words And you didn't care You clapped in your chair I showed you a street I tried to fill with ghosts But forgot their names As your interest waned I don't want to go to my grave feeling like a half truth I don't want to spend my life confessing to the wind I have spent these twenty five years feeling like a burden I don't want to spend another carrying someone else's sins
Can't shake the fear that you're not mine anymore Spinning out around my head I can't believe the way this week has been It's like I just met you again I love your chaos, love your strength But you know rollercoasters aren't my thing My love I just get off I slow it down Stay on the ground I watch as you spin away I'm feeling sick but I want you to stay Can't shake these feelings that chase me from sleep We're both strapped in I'm filled with dread I don't know how strong this harness is It's like you already left I love your stubborn head and heart But you know rollercoasters aren't my thing My love I just get off I slow it down Stay on the ground I watch as you spin away I'm feeling sick and I don't think I should stay And if I'm not here when you wake up You are loved; you were loved all this time And if you're not there when I wake up I hope it was worth, worth your while


released November 19, 2015

Produced by Megan Miller and Charles Hoppner

Special thanks to - Dan KL, And The Kids, Future States, How far to Mexico, True Man Show, Andy Sees The Reaper, Jon-Rhys, Tina, Sylvia, Kirk, Amara, Ashley Newall, Prince (the dog); CKCU, CHUO, and CKUT for being the vanguard; and all the fans who believe in us and support our music!


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Valois Ottawa, Ontario

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