Beautiful But Troubled Girls (Single)

by Valois



2012 Riviera Media


released August 15, 2012

Written and produced by Charles Valois
Drums on "Beautiful But Troubled Girls" by Don Rankin


all rights reserved


Track Name: Beautiful But Troubled Girls
I just want to get to know you
But I can barely talk to you
You're so distant in conversation
Here I go again with a beautiful but troubled girl

God knows I'm not perfect
You might hate me if you got to know me
But you're so crazy that you won't notice
If you let me in your life

We both have a lot in common
We were both kicked around a lot in the fifth grade
And it's caused lasting problems
That you don't want to talk about
And I don't want to sing about

So let's just get together
I know you can't give me what I want
Still I love the enigma
I love the enigma of a beautiful but troubled girl

Your family, they all love me
But it don't matter, 'cause you'd rather that they not
And your friends think that I'm amazing
But you know I'm not 'cause I love you

Let's watch a DVD over at a friend's place
Hey what do you know?! We both love Garden State!
No, I don't think it's weird we met at Zaphod's
Let's get naked; I've got Sufjan on my ipod

It has been nice knowing you
But for my sake I'd best be moving on
Still I cherish our time together
Before we fucked it all up
You beautiful but troubled girl

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